an event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events

Ideas are plenty. We all have an idea about many things, some easy to do, some really complex. There are two problems with ideas though; first executing it –we always need other people to share the same idea so we succeed with our idea – which leads to the second problem that is how to present it so people get it, so people embrace it, so you find your moment of Inception to spread the idea.

There are many forms of presenting an idea.;

One of the popular one is the elevator speech that Guy Kawasaki likes to brag about. You have 30 seconds to present your idea to your boss, investors or your friends so they may get interested for more – which is all you need first. You can do that by answering three simple questions;

  • What do you or your business do?
  • Why do you do it?
  • How will you do it?

Here is my elevator speech for this blog:

What. This blog is designed as a Journal with a compilation of ideas, concepts and tools in regards to interaction design and remarkable web/mobile applications.

Why. Web applications are the new factories of the Industrial revolution and I want to create a comprehensive knowledgebase and library of frameworks for all who are passionate in anything digital.

How. With the experience in running multiple e-commerce platforms and in leading talented designer/developers along with multiple tools first hand, I already started building a knowledgebase thanks to my team. Now I started building creating frameworks for successful design and web applications with the help of this Journal.

I know it will make a (small) difference.

When Ideas  are discussed, here are couple intelligent, remarkable and organized people that I am inspired and would recommend you to follow closely.

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