What’s next in web evolution? Web 3.0?

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Internet changed our lives forever since 1990′s.

First, it was the web 1.0 with many businesses adding static pages to the web to communicate one way with users. I call this phase the platonic relationship. It is platonic because it is one way, you can love all the content on the Internet, but that was it, you could not communicate back. It was like a new birth of a new media and a new channel (like radio, tv, books) to get information, either an advertisement, news, fiction or even non-fiction but it was all one dimensional.

Web 2.0 will save usimage by bensheldon @ Flickr

Then in 2000′s came web 2.0. It was not just pc to servers, but also from pc to pc’s, from pc to servers that enabled interaction not among users and companies, but also between users (peer to peer) as well. It was two dimensional. It is the time like we discover the word of mouth again, we discover old friends, we discover the way to live in a interconnected and self-expressionist way. Blogs, social networks, new business models exploded during this era which resulted an abundance of data, and changed the business forever. It was about profiting from the abundance instead of the other way around. Web 2.0 was a dating relationship experience. You can interact, change minds, but you had your limits, you could have your personal time off.

2010′s bring the third phase in web evolution. The offline and online worlds started for the first time converging realtime which is the most important promise of web 3.0. The third dimension is the location. Now, people and machines are not just connected to other machines and to other people, they are also connected to the location realtime thanks to mobile technologies and smart phones. The consequence of this change is vast, especially in terms of analytics. Until now, the retail space, brick and mortars were optimized by few genius researchers who were using a sample data of only walk in traffic. With web 2.0, the consumer behavior changed significantly… now people don’t buy things just because it looks great on the shelf, or they saw an interesting ad on TV, but they make decision on many other aspects, like price comparison by phone, friend reviews, etc… now zero moment of truth is the key, not just the FMOT. With web 3.0, finally the offline business behavior will also change along with the consumer behavior, since now every business owner will have access to all these data to optimize the offline experience as much as the online. I call web 3.0 a marriage phase where everything (humans and machines) is interconnected, your location and time is known, and you get feedback all the time. This phase may be the greatest phase of our lives for many of us, but there will be always people who believe living single, and just dating is much better than marriage. So, who can blame the other, but just make sure you don’t pretend to live in a marriage phase unless you are ready.

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