What’s next for Mobile?

Advertising, Mobile

Everyone is talking about or experimenting with the significant growth and success of mobile ads. The turnaround for Facebook was not long time ago and all started with the growth in mobile ad revenues. But it is only the tip of the iceberg. Once we master the mobile experiences – for any service – along with all the other five senses: social, local, live, data and interface, the shift in advertising, experiences and eventually in commerce to mobile will accelerate very fast.

For me it all started with the cool interface – we all love screens in our pockets. Then people on mobile started discovering more people on social networks. Now we consume and share significant content thanks to any location based services. We even like the mobile ads thanks to very smart and ‘big’ social data.

So, what’s next, where do we go from here?

There is still about a year or two for the mobile ads market to mature, so the lead generation opportunity is vast. With the introduction of video ads and the analytics tools for the advertisers, the shift in marketing dollar will continue to mobile from desktops – like the time spend overall as well.

I hear people start arguing that users are already addicted to phones. When you consider that on average we interact about 200 times a day with our phones (for more than 2 hours), the argument may sound correct. However, what’s changing (and actually already changed with the introduction of iOS7) is the significant growth in Internet of Things at the same time. The hardware is ready. The software is catching up. What’s lacking is the seamless mobile experiences. But it is coming… it is coming very soon. Retailers are the first to jump on the bandwagon and they are not alone.


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