Trends in Online Advertising – Part II – Social, Mobile and Video

Advertising, Data, Mobile, Social

Social, Mobile and Video advertising are growing fast and evolving quickly with new formats, changing user behavior and adoption of high end devices.

The idea of this ebook is to share my point of view on the state and future of the new media advertising and build a map with all the links to each respective websites for these platforms explained on this ebook. I hope this document can be a valuable source for you to start or continue with experimenting the new media and come up with couple solid actionable ideas at the end.

Watch the short video about my take on the social, mobile and video eco-systems in digital marketing and then download the e-book for further reading above.

Follow the hand cursor icon on the pdf document (there are many) to follow the links to each particular website and articles for more research on the topic.

PS. To read the other ebooks please visit the ebook series page.

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