Top 5 Remarkable Experiences of the Week

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Digital advertising and marketing are in such a fast pace at the moment, it is almost impossible not to find something amazing every day.

I’d like to make it clear that some of the apps, or services that I will share may not be new, but may be my first experience with them. For me, there are  that make an experience remarkable; social, local, mobile, data, interface and live senses. I added the relevant category next to each experiences.

Here are my top five remarkable experiences this week:

1. CINEMAGRAPHS Ads by Facebook.

This will be one of the most amazing ad formats you will see in 2015. Cinamagraph is not a new trend. Facebook and Instagram will make sure that everyone will know it soon;

“the trend — and the term — was coined by visual graphics artist Kevin Burg and his partner, photographer Jamie Beck. The GIF files, which maintain elements of photography and cinema (hence the name), gained prominence, thanks to Beck’s wildly popular Tumblr blog”

Christina Warren – Mashable




2. HOLOLENS by Microsoft. ★★★★★ Interface sense.

Virtual Reality is getting remarkably more real than virtual. With the convergence of digital and physical worlds, VR glasses soon will become the common gateways. NASA is already on board to use HoloLens for its Mars mission to manage and control the Rover to explore the surface of Mars from a lab room. Yet, competition in Virtual Reality is fierce, along with Oculus Rift and Google Glass, but don’t forget the mysterious Magic Leap that was funded by Google for over half a billion in 2014.



3. MATERIAL DESIGN by Google. ★★★★★ Mobil sense. 

Again, this is nothing new, but it is on fire. The more you get into material design concepts the more I enjoy and love it. It is a game changer for every app designer and marketer not just due to its brilliant design patterns but also its consideration of the user behavior and experiences on every aspect of the mobile design and development. Expect to see many brands and visionaries to apply this new concept.


4. GOOGLE NOW. All about Mobile and Data senses.

I had downloaded Google now for iOS years ago, but I could not find a good use case for it among all the other apps. I knew that it would learn over time my behaviors and give better recommendation or information based on my location or time of the day, however I wasn’t patient enough to overcome that period due to lack of instant gratification (still working on breaking that very bad habit). This time, something interesting happened. The moment I downloaded the app, it started showing me relevant information, such as traffic report to my home, latest ‘terrible news’ about my team, Miami Heat etc. But what amazed me the most was its voice recognition capability (which simply works). I am an Apple fan by heart, however I’ve to admit that Siri has been a disappointment since Day1. Google Now changed all my perception about the voice recognition technology and how it can simplify life by providing remarkable user experience – especially while traveling.

5. HIPS & TIPS. Mobile and Social senses.

I selected Hips and Tips for its mobile sense and brilliant use of animated GIFs. Hips and Tips is the easy way to discover inspiring health & wellness tip by email. Everything on the email is planned with utmost detail and mobile responsive design in mind. The use of animated GIFs, symbols, interactive surveys and social sharing inspired me to write another blog post to showcase their 5 best practices for email newsletters.



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