Living on the clouds

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I am a strong advocate on using cloud services. Cloud computing and services are becoming the norm in the web arena and almost inevitable for our daily lives.

What is a cloud? A cloud is the Internet and all the applications you use online or by your mobile are basically cloud services. So simple it is, but it gets really complicated once all the jargon comes into play – just ask Deloitte for all the definitions.

The top benefit of cloud service is access. You can reach all your digital assets, including emails, media, ebooks, documents from any Internet enabled device.

The top problem is arguably the privacy and security. One way of looking at it is that since you don’t host all the data in your hardware you are not as secured, but my take is that it is not necessarily true, because I believe the web application companies – at least many of them – have better knowledge than an individual like me in terms of securing the data.

Here is my clouds map and the services that I consume frequently.

Mind map of all cloud services

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