How Social Strategy Helped TEL3 Improve Its Influence and Increased Number of Downloads of Its Apps

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How Social Strategy Helped TEL3 Improve Its Influence and Increased Number of Downloads of Its Apps post image

World Cup Campaign #tellafriend

Brazil hosted one of the most exciting World Cup, not just in terms of the quality of the games, but also in terms of the fan enthusiasm and marketing creativity in the United States and around the World. Marketer’s video campaigns during the 2014 World Cup attracted an unprecedented amount of views, beating out commercial views for both the recent Super Bowl and Olympic Games. The beauty of the World Cup is its global and multicultural appeal. Nike and Adidas did a great job in attracting more than 600 million video views during this period with their All In and Risk Everything campaigns.

At TEL3, the World Cup was also a great opportunity for us, since we knew that our multicultural target audience would be very interested in this big event like they did four years ago. The brainstorming for the campaign started by following the Dragonfly Effect methodology systematically.

The Dragonfly Effect is heavily influenced by Design Thinking, and provides a complete framework and process flow for developing creative social campaigns.

Another key reason TEL3 had such a successful campaign was that it was all a team effort and six talented people from all departments were involved in the project since the beginning until the end (development, design, marketing, customer service, communications).

The goal was clear: improve TEL3’s influence score by increasing reach, engagement among fans and influencers, and at the same time generate leads and downloads especially with our iPhone and Android applications.

We worked on multiple angles during the strategy meetings for this campaign.

First angle was the audience: who would be interested and engage in such a campaign during this Word Cup, and who would be more likely to share with their friends. We reviewed, surveyed and analyzed all persona data and identified the specific audience we would like to interact during the World Cup campaign.

Second angle was the offer and the story: Based on our conversations and surveys with our customers, it was clear that our audience in general was not interested in following brands in social networks, only friends and family. Another interesting insight we got was that many people use social media to connect with friends while traveling, touring the country. We knew that this campaign had to be personal and nothing to do with our service otherwise it was doomed to fail. Three ideas prevailed after all our discussions: It needs to be built on connections with friends. It has to be about the World Cup excitement, and it has to be that our service/offer can help people achieve these goals. At the end, TEL3 came up with the following tagline for the campaign and named its campaign #tellafriend:

The World Cup is more fun when you talk about it with friends. 10 minute free calls after each game. Your calls are on us. Friendship and Excitement are yours. #TellAFriend

Call Friends and Family Free during the World Cup from TEL3 on Vimeo.

Third angle was the content strategy: Content strategy included three aspects; i. identifying what kind of content would be relevant but also resonates with our audience to take action, ii. what platforms and resources could we use to create and curate content, and iii. how would we distribute the content. Our team reviewed and identified many available resources, blogs, and news media relevant to the campaign to curate content; at the same time evaluated interesting content creation platforms (imagesinfographics) to create our own. In line with our story, TEL3 also created a Buzz Score metric driven by the number of calls made to each country after the games. The idea was to create interesting content by comparing each country in the World Cup based on call activities.  We designed infographics, shared with fans and continued building awareness about our service and the campaign.

Below you can find an interesting insight about the results. We listed the World Cup countries by the Buzz Score and then also showed the Spike Magnitude (which is the increase in call volume compared to prior to the World Cup) to normalize the data. What it shows is that since we had a high volume to the United States even before the World Cup, the U.S. fans created the biggest buzz as expected. However the French fans had the highest spike magnitude during the World Cup by making 80% more calls on average than before. Germans, Brazilians, Argentinians, Colombians and Costa Ricans were the top buzz makers with the highest spike.

Buzz Score vs Spike Magnitude

Buzz Score vs Spike Magnitude during the World Cup

Fourth angle was the influencer strategy, the most important factor to improve our influence score. There are two most common influence scores (Klout and Kred) and both have many similarities in terms of defining the influence. All have three goals in common: increase your reach, attract influencers, and engage your followers and fans with your content.

The results were impressive.

During the World Cup, TEL3 published 165 posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and acquired about 5 thousand new followers and fans (for all brands cumulative), created more than 4 thousand engagements. All these activities resulted in improving the Klout Score from 35 to 54, top 25% percentile. Along with the social influence metrics, number of app downloads for the month reached to over one thousand, and usage on TEL3 apps jumped by 20% during the campaign.

Two important takeaways after this campaign:

First one is the importance of listening before talking. Social media and branding are not a one way communication. Most of the time, joining an existing conversation is the best way to build a relationship.

Second one is investing in social strategy and telling an engaging story are more important than ever in this hyper-connected world. Defining the offer and the details of the campaign all come after you have a story to tell. A story that is relevant and emotional to your audience.

Now, the challenge is to continue with the momentum and build a longer-term social presence and achieve a much higher influence score over time.

TEL3 is ready to take the challenge.



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