Déjà vu of year 2000?


Smartphones just outsold desktop computers. So many apps, so many new technologies… Is this a déjà vu of year 2000? For mobile applications, we are at the point where we used to be for the web applications about a decade ago.

However, there are couple things different this time that makes 2010’s very exciting.

The goal was to get eyeballs then. Everyone understands now that bringing eye balls to an application alone is not a sustainable business. How to generate revenue and thus have a clear plan on how to turn it to a profit is the bottom-line, nothing else matters! New Note: Some asked, how about the brand awareness effect? Brand awareness is good, but it should still effect the bottom-line (unless you are a non-profit) sooner or later. There is no immediate return on Super Bowl ads (mostly about branding) but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expect an increase in profits that year due to that ‘super overpriced’ marketing… so goes the argument…

CRM was the king. This is one of the biggest changes in digital era. Now we know that User Experience Management is the key to success or failure especially on mobile applications. A rigid CRM application that doesn’t embrace or adopt to the behavioral, social or persona data of a user will stay as a low value app for the user as well as for the businesses. There are so many apps to download and so little time to pay attention to, you only got one chance to convince the user about the value proposition and the usability. It is true that we the user are still not 100% comfortable with this new screen (yet) however we are learning the mobile design patterns quickly, and expect more from our apps every day – or simply delete and move on. User Experience (content, connectivity, interactivity are all part of it) is the new king.

Technology matters. It still does, but the key difference now is that it is not just the technology that matters (e.g. hardware, software), that it is the integration of each element and systems that matters the most. A successful mobile application is almost never just a mobile application anymore; it is just a part of a greater mobile/web applications eco-system, a platform that brings users, customers, brands, developers, advertisers, strategists and game changers together…

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